Tuesday, June 29, 2021

4G in rural areas

Today the government has announced that the new £1 billion Shared Rural Network will boost mobile connectivity across every part of our country, levelling up and connecting people as we build back better.

  • Every  corner of the United Kingdom should enjoy the economic and social benefits of 4G mobile connectivity, to help people whether they want to set up a business, go shopping online, or stream entertainment.
  • That is why the government is working with the telecommunications industry to boost mobile coverage through our £1 billion Shared Rural Network, which will increase 4G coverage across every part of the country – including in Scotland, where coverage will increase by two thirds, in Wales where coverage will increase by a third, and in the North East of England, where it will increase from 68 per cent to 86 per cent.
  • This will help to level up every part of the UK, powering economic growth and connecting people wherever they live.

(Full disclosure: I work in the industry - in Openreach - but am writing as a Conservative councillor and not on behalf of my employer.)


Anonymous said...

Can't get 2g in west cumbria

Chris Whiteside said...

Depends whereabouts in West Cumbria you are talking about. There are towns where you can get a decent mobile service and this rollout plan will improve the number.

But there are a lot of sparsely populated valleys surrounded by mountains in Cumbria where providing the most advanced mobile services will always be difficult.