Bring back Ruth

There is an interesting article on the "The Article" website about Scotland which covers a number of areas but the headline is the suggestion that former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson should be brought into the cabinet as minister for constitutional affairs.

I strongly support this idea.

Ruth Davidson has in ample measure several of the most valuable attributes of which no government in history has ever had a surplus - courage and integrity, the ability to communicate with people at every level of society, clear vision, and a presence and star quality that you have to pay attention to. Quite apart from considerations of party advantage, it is no insult to the present Scottish secretary to say that the government of the UK would be able to do more for Scotland - and quote possibly other parts of the UK as well - if Ruth Davidson were part of it.

You can read the article here.


Anonymous said…
Boris can't handle t'Ruth
Jim said…
^ thats clever, like it :)
Chris Whiteside said…
Oh, I think he'll manage.

Whether Nicola can handle t'Ruth is another matter.

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