Quote of the day 21st June 2021

‘Liberal Democrats led calls for high-speed rail lines to the North from the very start ... and will continue to do so in the future.’

Lib Dem spokesman Lord Scriven speaking in 2015 and quoted this weekend by Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail. 

Residents of Chesham and Amersham please note. 

For anyone who isn't prepared to take the word of the Daily Mail, if you look up the manifesto promises made by the Lib/Dems in the last three general elections, you should not find it too hard to find confirmation - I found it easily - that the Lib/Dems did promise to support HS2 in the 2015 manifesto when he made that comment, and that they subsequently promised "continued support" for HS2 in both the 2017 and 2019 elections. 


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