Quote of the day 25th June 2021

“It looks as if the R rate on flags is greater than 1 at the moment. Therefore, from next week, no more flags. Otherwise, I’ll be tempted to fly the flag of the Independent Tropical Republic of Ceredigion behind me here. So, we move on to a flagless week next week please.”

(Presiding Officer Elin Jones telling the Senedd (the Welsh assembly) that Senned members or MLAs are banned from displaying flags in their background during online meetings after a Conservative MLA asked :a question with the background displying a Union Jack.

There are some people who go a bit over the top in terms of wrapping themselves or painting themselves with their respective national flag, but unless there are specific issues of concern with the particular flag involved, I'd rather have most of those people any day than most of those who to equally over the top about people displaying flags.)


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