Today's special meeting of Cumbria County Council

I attended a special meeting of Cumbria County Council today (24th June)   in the Committee rooms of Cumbria House in Carlisle at 10am.

Because of COVID-19 regulations it was not possible for the entire council to meet so it was been agreed that a politically balanced but quorate sample about a quarter of the council members would  attend to conduct some non-controversial but essential business, particularly  the appointment of a new acting chief executive for a two year term.

The reason for the limited contract is the possibility that the council will cease to exist after that time under local government reorgansation (LGR) and be replaced, along with the six districts, by one or two unitary councils.

The full agenda and supporting documents can be found on the council website here. But be aware that the "attendance" details suggesting that the whole council was "expected" is not correct. All the councillors were sent a summons but three quarters were quietly asked not to attend. 

This was not an ideal position to be in, and we hope that by the time the next meeting is due COVID restrictions will have been relaxed sufficiently to allow all councillors to do the job we were elected to do and represent the people who put us there.

The meeting was recorded so it could be posted online: we were told it would be on Youtube and I was going to post a link here but it doesn't seem to be up yet. When it goes up I will post the link here.


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