The G7 Summit

Following the G7 Summit which finished yesterday, the Prime Minister gave a statement outlining achievements at the Summit, including important work on preventing a global pandemic happening again, addressing climate change, and supporting education around the world – working together to build back better, creating jobs and ensuring long-term economic growth.

  • Many of the biggest issues we face as a nation are faced internationally and this G7 Summit, hosted by the UK in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, provided world leaders with the opportunity to take action together. 
  • That is why the G7 leaders and leaders from other guest nations worked on a number of measures to support the future of our planet:
    • Pledging more than one billion coronavirus vaccine doses - either directly or through funding to COVAX – including 100 million from the UK, to the world’s poorest countries – which is another big step towards vaccinating the world.

    • Agreeing to get 40 million more girls into school and 20 million more reading by the end of primary school in the next five years.

    • Helping the Global Partnership for Education - an organisation working to make sure that every child in the world is given the chance of a proper education – reach half of its five-year fundraising goal, including a £430 million donation from the UK.

    • Agreeing the landmark Carbis Bay Declaration on health, where G7 leaders committed to using all their resources to prevent a global pandemic from ever happening again.

    • And agreeing a shared agenda for global action to build back better together, on crucial issues such as health, climate change, and economic recovery and jobs.

  • As the Prime Minister said, it’s not good enough for us to just rest on our laurels and talk about how important those values are. What we as the G7 need to do is demonstrate the benefits of democracy and freedom and human rights to rest of the world.

  • That is why the UK is committed to leading the way in addressing the global challenges we all face, and this G7 Summit represents a vital step forward as we work together to building back better and greener.


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