Seeking justice for victims of rape

There are few crimes more horrible than rape - and few where it is more difficult to ensure that justice is done. More needs to be done to bring the guilty to justice - without throwing out of the airlock the principle that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty

Today the government has set out an action plan to overhaul the approach to rape investigations, protecting the public and making sure that victims get the justice they deserve.

  • It is not good enough that brave victims who come forward to report crimes are too often let down by the criminal justice system and Conservatives will not rest until improvements are made. 
  • That is why the government is today publishing plans to overhaul the approach to investigations with a new approach on suspect behaviour, increasing the support for victims by making sure that they are never left without a phone for more than 24 hours, and holding the police, CPS and courts accountable for their failings with regular scorecards on progress to be published every six months. 
  • The government will do everything possible to drive the change needed to tackle this horrible crime and restore faith in the criminal justice system – so that victims get the justice they deserve.


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