Health and care data

Today a new health and care data strategy has been announced which will free up staff time so they can focus on delivering world class care for patients.

  • The great strides made on vaccines and treatment during the pandemic have taught us that good use of data saves lives and is the key to improving patient treatment. 
  • That is why the government has today announced a new health and care data strategy which will mean better sharing of records across healthcare systems and give patients more access to their data, freeing up staff time and improving care by allowing faster, more specialised treatment.
  • The new system will put patients in control of their information while allowing our NHS to better look after the public and discover the life-saving treatments of tomorrow as we build back healthier.
  • In Cumbria, while a lot of progress has been made, there is much more to be done before we have a modern, effective system of digital records which gives the best possible support for patient care.  I want to see this new health and care strategy used as an opportunity to drive further improvement in using better digital record systems to save professionals' and patients' time, reduce cancelled operations and deliver better patient care.


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