Using Science and Technology to build back better

Writing in the Daily Telegraph today, the Prime Minister set out the Conservative government's plans to maximise the opportunities of scientific and technological breakthroughs, helping us tackle some of the great societal challenges of our time from climate change to cancer.

  • Throughout the pandemic we have seen what British science can achieve, and with the right direction and backing, we can harness it to transform the lives of people across the UK. 
  • That is why the government is creating a National Science and Technology Council – chaired by the Prime Minister and supported by a new Office of Science and Technology Strategy – which will work across government to strengthen our understanding of how we can develop the technology to reach net zero, cure and treat cancer and keep our citizens safe at home and abroad. 
  • The success of Britain's vaccine programme shows the power of investing in scientific research, which is why we are boosting funding for research of all kinds to £22 billion, so we can deliver more breakthroughs like the Covid vaccine.
  • This will help to cement the UK’s place as a global scientific superpower, transforming the lives of people across the UK as we build back better.


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