Transforming schools

The government has announced a £483 million investment to transform schools across England, so that every child, no matter where they go to school, can learn in the best possible environment.

  • As we deliver on our promise to level up education, we will ensure no child is held back from achieving their potential because of the condition of the school they attend.
  • That is why the government is making £483 million available to nearly 1,200 schools across England through our Condition Improvement Fund, helping them improve their classrooms and facilities while becoming more energy efficient – building on our School Rebuilding Programme which is already underway with the first 50 projects confirmed, as part of the £1.8 billion being invested to improve school buildings this year alone.
  • In building back better, we must give our schools the investment they need so students and staff can learn and work in the high-quality classrooms they deserve.


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