Current blog readership stats

I occasionally get the odd question - or sarky comment - about how many people read this blog.

I'm dependent on the stats generated by Blogger for an answer to this. On a typical day there will currently be between 250 and 500 pageviews. Occasionally I get a spike which can be over a thousand.

FWIW here is the chart of daily hits provided to me by Blogger for the last thirty days, during which time there have been 11.9k pageviews.

Postscript - Another spike today (Saturday 22nd April) - here is what that chart looks like now



Paul Holdsworth said…
In Google Analytics, is the box marked "Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders" checked?
Paul Holdsworth said…
My comment was NOT sarky.
Chris Whiteside said…
The questions and comments referred to were from my own colleagues and made face to face. Don't assume everything is always about you.

But now that you draw my attention to what you have written, the expression "If the cap fits, wear it" does spring to mind.

If "In Google Analytics, is the box marked "Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders" checked?" doesn't count as a sarky comment, it is difficult to know what would.
Paul Holdsworth said…
It's a legitimate and straightforward question!
Paul Holdsworth said…
You're so prickly at times!
Paul Holdsworth said…
OK, next question. Your site has many pages. When I visit, I usually view several pages. Some days I'll visit more than once (like today, for instance). So, once you've done your best to eliminate bots and webcrawlers from the stats, pageviews do not equate to actual readership.

Your analytics should be able to identify how many different individual sources (Unique Viewers in the jargon) the page views come from.

So, what are your UV stats, Chris?
Chris Whiteside said…



It is possible for a question to be legitimate and straightforward, and still difficult for someone who has never claimed to be a computer wizard to get Google to answer.

I remember when I set up the traffic monitors years ago, checking and unchecking various boxes so as to try to ensure that the stats would be representative, but having wasted an hour of my life which I won't get back trying unsuccessfully to find the relevant page where all the appropriate boxes are checked or unchecked, I still don't know the answers.

I'll have to resort to the typical Boomer tactic of asking my technical support (a.k.a. my kids when they next get back from Uni) whether they can help me out on this.

I've never actually made any claims about the number of actual readers, I have always written in terms of hits or pageviews. But now I know to ask my offspring how many UVs I have, that's another one for the next time one of them is home.
Paul Holdsworth said…
Very good Chris. It'll be interesting to discover "how many people read this blog" in the fullness of time.

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