Helping women with Hormone Replacement

Figures released last week show almost 38,000 women accessed Hormone Replacement Therapy certificates in the first four days of the scheme, supporting women across the country from negative symptoms of the menopause. 

  • Around a quarter of women experience severe menopause symptoms, which can seriously impact their quality of life. It is right to take steps to support women during this difficult period and mitigate the impacts where possible. 
  • That is why the Conservative government introduced prescription pre-payment certificates for Hormone Replacement Therapy, saving the average woman in the age group where this is needed some £30 a year. Since the launch of the scheme on Saturday 1 April, 37,700 certificates have been purchased, saving women across the country £1.13 million in four days alone. 
  • Conservatives are delivering on our promise to make women’s health a priority, making HRT more affordable and improving the lives of thousands of women suffering from negative symptoms of the menopause.  


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