Jas Singh for Calverley & Farsley

One of the many excellent Conservative candidates standing in the local elections next week is my friend Jas Singh, who is standing in the Calverley & Farsley ward for Leeds City Council.

Jas lives in the ward and would make an excellent councillor. Last time he stood in this ward he very narrowly lost. Last year in this ward the leader of the Conservative group on Leeds City council, Cllr Andrew Carter CBE, was re-elected with 3,539 votes and a majority of 296 ahead of the Labour candidate who polled 3,243 votes. Indications are that this year's election may be close again.

My wife and I went to support and campaign for Jas this morning and had a good session.

If any voters from Calverley and Farsley should happen to be reading this blog, here is what Jas has written to residents of the area about the election for the West Leeds Dispatch.

"This election is about local issues not national. Locally, I work hard with Cllrs Andrew and Amanda Carter, and we put you first.

I live in Farsley with my wife and two children. I am passionate about our area and I want it to remain a great place to live, work and raise a family. I face the same day-to-day issues as you, such as missed bin collections and the condition of our roads. If elected I will continue to fight, alongside Cllrs Andrew and Amanda Carter, to make life better for everyone – whether that is opposing the increase in council tax, campaigning to protect the environment or lobbying for more leisure services. 

I am working hard with Andrew and Amanda, to tackle the local issues that affect you and your family, including:

  • Ensuring the Calverley/Farsley bridge across the ring road is completed, linking our villages
  • Being tough on anti-social behaviour by working with local law enforcement, 
  • Fighting for better road safety by stopping motorists from using our roads as rat runs and preventing drivers from racing each other around the area, 
  • Tackling inappropriate planning applications to prevent overdevelopment and the loss of our green spaces, 
  • Keeping parking free and accessible for everyone across the Leeds area 

This election is about the issues that affect us locally, on a daily basis. As a team we will continue to put your needs first, ensuring that the local services we all rely on are maintained and improved.

The towns and villages that make up our ward are fantastic places to live, and we want them to stay that way."


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