Easter, Passover and Ramadan greetings

This long weekend, three of the world's great religions are celebrating a holy season.

For those of the Jewish Faith, Thursday was the Feast of the Passover.

For those of  the Christian Faith, that day was Maundy Thursday, followed by Good Fiday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday

And those who follow Islam are celebrating Ramadan.

The confluence of dates is not a coincidence these three religions worship the same God and have a great deal of their theology in common. Jesus was jewish, and he celebrated his last support with his disciples on the feast of Passover.

Best wishes to all of any of these faiths and anyone else who is reading this

To those of the Jewish faith,  “Chag Pesach sameach!"

To Christians, "Happy Easter!"

And to Muslims, “Ramadan Kareem!”


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