Harry Belafonte RIP

This has been one of those weeks when it seemed like we lost far too many wonderful people. 

First Barry Humphries, the creator of Dame Edna Everidge. 

Then Len Goodman, the avuncular chief judge from Strictly Come Dancing. 

Then the singer, actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte died at the age of 96.

Harry Belafonte will be remembered for his music, his sense of humour, his acting, and his lifelong campaigning with Martin Luther King Junior and other for civil rights. 

Whether he was singing a calypso like Day O (a.k.a. the Banana Boat song) from his album "Calyso," or a christmas carols, this very versatile performer was a joy to listen to. Here is one version of the song Day-O ...

But he performed this and other songs in many ways, often interacting with live audiences and getting them to sing along. Here is the version he did on the Muppet show, which perfectly catches his sense of humour.

Every human being who died last week will be missed, from the famous like Barry Humphries, Len Goodman and Harry Belafonte to the unknown.

May all of them Rest in Peace.


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