Monday, October 12, 2015

A Labour A to Z

There is a very amusing piece on the moderate "Labour uncut" website - to the authors it is undoubtedly gallows humour though if you are a Labour moderate at the moment that's probably the main form of humour you are currently using to keep yourself sane -  with an

A to Z of Corbsplaining

to let new members know what common phrases used by the Labour leadership and their supporters actually mean.

I particularly liked

SmearThe journalistic practice of reproducing past statements by the leader and shadow chancellor, then asking them whether they still hold these views

Red Tory – Honorific, often suffixed with the word “scum.” Applied to anyone in the Labour party who does not have a “Jez We Can” twibbon on their Twitter profile.

Campaign Group – A group of MPs who do not campaign but do tweet a lot.

The Prime Minister – What the leader of  the Conservative party is called until at least 2025.


Jim said...

I had a classic exchange with one the other day, basically I answered a question on the NHS, which must have been a wrong answer as the reply i received was "******* tory scum"

I replied - Thank you very much for your enlightening reply to my answer, however, I am not a Tory. To save you the bother of playing guessing games, I am not a member of any political party.

The answer back was - "walks like a tory, talks like a tory, IS A TORY, ******* Tory Scum"

I decided not to comment back.

Jim said...

So there you have it, by my feedback alone, A person who is very honest about not being a member of any political party, and a person who strongly feels the UK would be better outside of the EU.

UKIP + Corbyn's Labour have decided the above translates as,

"******* tory scum, who hates the UK and everything it stands for, who is paid by the EU."

erm yeah, makes perfect sense. :-)

Chris Whiteside said...

I suppose it makes sense to the people who write that sort of thing. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Most people don't neatly fit into political or intellectual boxes.

Sadly too many individuals are happy to use labels to describe themselves and everyone else and shrink their view of the people to fit the label.