Friday, October 09, 2015

More reasons for DC's success.

To listen to some people you would imagine that the present government loves kicking the poor and is interested only in helping the rich.

It is of course rubbish: the biggest tax cutting programme under both the coalition and the present Conservative administration has been increasing tax thresholds, which particularly benefits low-paid workers. And the combination of this policy and attempts to reform welfare, however imperfect the implementation of them has sometimes been, are two of the reason David Cameron has been more successful at creating jobs than any other recent Prime Minister.

And contrary to what the left would have you believe, tax policy over the last few years has not reduced the share of tax paid by the richest people but increased it. Provided most people pay their taxes, reducing tax rates does not always cut the total tax paid.

These two graphs came from an excellent article by Fraser Nelson in the Spectator which points out six ways in which the Conservatives have done more than Labour to help the poor.

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Jim said...

Lies, damned lies and statistics huh.

Look, all I am saying is that when you take office has a lot to do with how many jobs you "create" in the first 5 years in office.

If you take office oh, lets say 2 years after a horrific crash, and a couple of years of a very bad recession then of course you would expect to see the beginnings of a recovery, that's how the boom and bust economy of today works.

Could you imagine how bad it would have looked if He whom shall not be named had have called the election that never was. The damage was done, and no matter what, by that point, it was going to blow.

Just saying..........