Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Funny how some people have changed their minds ..

Hat tip to Guido Fawkes for pointing out how last night's vote in the House of Lords has caused several people to make a 180 degree turn about the validity of the unelected chamber ...

Tim Farron said after last night's vote that he was very proud of Lib/Dem lords, adding that

“We have sent a clear signal… Tonight’s vote gives people hope”.

Yet a few months ago Farron's  view on the second chamber was that it is
“a system which is rotten to the core and allows unelected, unaccountable people to think they are above the law… Nothing will be achieved until Parliamentarians vote in favour of abolition”
As Guido asks, what was it about the LibDem wipeout in democratic elections that caused Farron to change his mind about the “rotten, unelected, unaccountable” second chamber?

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell is no different.

Last night he praised the "huge blow in the House of Lords" , claiming the vote showed “people are waking up to what Labour has been warning".

That is the same John McDonnell who voted to abolish the Lords in 2003. 

“Only the Labour Lords motion could deliver the results needed,” said Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign team last night.

That’s despite Corbyn vowing just two months ago to block new peers in a bid to increase pressure in favour of abolition of the House of Lords. 


Jim said...

Wait until one single thing goes against them, then it will be a 360, and then we go back to when i was serving my time with waveguides, where it is quite possible to have a 540 degree circle.

we just don't know

Chris Whiteside said...

Too right!