Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween and Christmas

Doctor Who may not exist but a lot of large retailers seem to be practicing time travel.

It is a little over a week to Halloween, and most shops are using that theme:

while dashing into Morrisons for some milk first thing this morning I heard their PA system playing "The Monster Mash" which I don't think I'd heard for decades.

But others are already onto Christmas.

We'll know it's nearly Christmas when they start pushing things for Spring ...


Jim said...

Being born just 2 days after christmas (traditionally the day the shops reopened) its been a long standing joke to my family.

You can tell its Jim's birthday as the shops are full of Easter eggs.

Jim said...

Used to wind me up a lot when I was a child too, the shops would be full of "Back to School" uniforms and stationary before the final term had ended.

Chris Whiteside said...

Bad luck on being born so close to Christmas. Some of my family were too, and got similar jokes.