Thursday, October 15, 2015

Labour opposes plans for fiscal stability

Yesterday Labour voted to keep on borrowing forever. Seriously.

The Fiscal Charter commits the government to deal with our debts and run a budget surplus when the economy is strong, fixing the roof while the sum is shining so we can get back to a stable situation rather than having to pay more money in interest on debts than we spend on education and law and order put together.

By voting against this yesterday Labour confirmed that they want to go on borrowing forever - loading debts onto our children that they can never hope to repay.

You wouldn’t raise a family or run a business in this way, so why should it be any different for our country?

We can’t let Labour wreck our economy. Donate today and let’s make sure that they never get back into power again.
Unlike Labour, we are building a country where we deal with our debts and live with our means. Where hard work is rewarded and you and your family are secure.
And if you want the same for our country, and help us deliver it:
Please join or support the Conservative Party. You can give £20 to our campaign here.

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