Monday, October 12, 2015

Quote of the day 12th October 2015

"'It's not where you're from,' Ian Brown, front man of the Stone Roses and one of Manchester's favourite sons, once reminded us. 'It's where you're at.'"

"So intoxicated are the now dominant wing of Labour by a rediscovered passion for protest, that the deputy general secretary of Communication Workers Union, Terry Pullinger, happily announced that Corbynmania 'almost makes you want to celebrate the fact Labour lost the Election'.
That's right. Under the starry-eyed terms of the 'new politics', it's now permissible for Labour to talk about celebrating losing a General Election. Good grief."
"In the space of a few months we've gone from a party preparing for government to one indulging in pointless, lazy opposition. Where once we were a genuine threat to David Cameron's Tories, we now continually shoot ourselves in the foot and commit political hara-kiri."

"Inside the conference hall – and it pains me to say this as a Labour MP – David Cameron and George Osborne were proving Ian Brown's old adage to a tee. They may be extremely privileged public schoolboys who probably think 'blue collar' is a type of low-rent aftershave, but they're now closer to the concerns of most working-class people than Jeremy Corbyn is. From defence and patriotism to entrepreneurialism and immigration, they're saying what people want to hear."

(Simon Danczuk MP in a Daily Mail article entitled

"My party is now a cult locked in a trance, and the bigotry of the past")

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