Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quote of the day 20th October 2015

“Over the last month I’ve seen opponents, supporters and political commentators reduced to laughter over the antics at the top of the Labour Party."

“We’re not talking about a bemused chuckle either. I’m talking tear-streaming, side-splitting, deep, uncontrollable belly laughter. After another week of chaos, the sound of mocking laughter is fast becoming the soundtrack to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership."

“Amidst much hilarity in Westminster, each shambolic announcement, every piece of confused choreography has been treated as though it were vintage slapstick comedy, not serious opposition politics."

"In the last week alone we’ve had chaotic interviews, U-turns, rebellions and a disastrous Parliamentary Labour Party meeting, described by one former minister as a ‘total ******* shambles’."

“Farce doesn’t begin to describe our position any more. It’s the political equivalent of all the slapstick staples rolled into one. The Three Stooges pie fight. Stan Laurel stuck up a ladder. The house collapsing on Buster Keaton."

“It’s like we’re carving out a new comedy franchise. Carry on Protesting. And right now the sound of Sid James’s dirty cackle just about sums up where Labour’s at."

“We’re having zero impact. Prime Minister’s Questions is a breeze for Cameron and Labour cannot take the fight to the Tories because Corbyn and McDonnell are forever lurching from one crisis to another."

"Right now Boris Johnson is piling more pressure on George Osborne than Jeremy Corbyn is."
“The full tragedy of this summer’s experiment to elect someone completely unsuited for the job of Labour leader is yet to unfold."

“Next week perhaps Corbyn should let his trousers fall down and John McDonnell plant a custard pie in his face. Because the day the truth gets out on the real demise of the Labour Party is the day we’re all in trouble.”

(Labour MP - yes, Labour MP, at least until "Momentum" get him deselected - Simon Danczuk writing in the Mail on Sunday about the current leadership of his party which he regards as "a laughable shambles." You can read more here or here.)

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