Saturday, October 10, 2015

A montage of how anti Tory protesters behaved this week

This four minute Youtube clip shows the way that many anti-tory protesters behaved this week and also how some Labour and Trade Union leaders behaved in ways which failed to distance themselves from encouraged such behaviour.

Those watching this clip who follow British politics more closely than the demonstrators concerned will recognise one of the people jostled and spat on as an investigative journalist who has done more damage to certain Tory politicians than every protestor in Manchester put together. Not that their behaviour would have been justified if he actually had been a Conservative delegate.

A 21-year old female Conservative student who is 5 foot three inches tall was threatened with rape by left-wing demonstrators.

There are plenty of decent Labour people who were horrified by the behaviour of some demonstrators and more than a few who spoke out against it. But until the Labour party manages to make very clear that they are a party of such decent people and of grown-up politics, and not a vehicle for the politics of hatred and mindless "stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off" protest, they will not get remotely near to winning another election.

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