Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Labour admits that they don't know how to fund NHS spending

Shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander has appeared to admit that Labour does not know how it would fund the extra money they want to spend on the NHS.

She said in an interview in the Guardian that the NHS would need more than the £8 billion extra the government has committed to spending by 2020.

 However when pushed about how Labour would fund the increased spending, she said: “I don’t know the answer to that”.
So six months after Labour was defeated at the election and six weeks after Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership the party does still not have a plan for funding the NHS.

This does not surprise me in the slightest. What astonishes me is that they've admitted it.


Jim said...

Since when did the Labour party know how to spend any money on anything?

They hardly need to admit it, its clear for all to see. The fact they have now finally admitted to a small part of it is neither here nor there. The Labour party do not spend money, The Labour party waste money chasing labour party votes.

Me Thinks "tax credits" gives a perfect example.

Lets make everyone a slave to us, using their own money to do it brilliant

Jim said...

That really has to be the worst part. Its fine to try and bribe and blackmail me, for that at least I have a little bit of respect, I wont buy it (good boy me) but hey, its fair game.

Just when you try to bribe me with my own money then I ain't gonna bite.

Jim said...

I know lets forcibly take 20% of Johns wages, then John can apply for "tax credits" to give him 20% extra on top of his wage as a nice hand out from the government, of course this will cost a bit to administer, and we have to create new positions in the tax office to do this, so that creates employment at the expense of the tax payer.

I mean the whole system is utterly stupid.

Jim said...

On that note, and credit where it is due, I am pleased to see the current government continuing with the Lib Dem idea of raising the tax threshold, also I am pleased to see them raising the point at which the 40% tax rate kicks in, I would like to add its not before time, but at least they are doing it which is better than ignoring this issue.

raising the tax threshold to £10k was a lib dem idea, and one they took into government in the last parliament, whilst its true the lib dems pretty much sold their soul for a sniff at government, and suffered the consequence with student fees, at least that is one very sensible policy that I can thank them for, and thank the current government for continuing.

Chris Whiteside said...

Absolutely, Jim, you're dead right on all four of those posts.