Thursday, October 22, 2015

Police and Crime Commissioner candidate chosen:

Congratulations to Colonel Peter McCall who was selected by the votes of Conservative members in Cumbria attending two meetings last night and this evening to be the Conservative candidate to succeed Richard Rhodes as Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner.

The next commissioner will be elected in May 2016. Richard Rhodes is not seeking re-election.

Peter McCall was selected from a strong field of three excellent candidates who addressed well-attended meetings at the Greenhill Hotel, Wigton on Wednesday night and the Low Wood Hotel, Windermere this evening.

Colonel McCall is currently is currently the human resources director of the Royal Logistic Corps and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

His 34-years of service in the Army come to a close in a few months’ time, freeing him to work full-time as Police and Crime Commissioner if elected.

I believe he will be a very strong candidate for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria and if elected will do an excellent job for the people of the County.


Peter McCall said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I pay tribute to my fellow candidates who are both incredibly generous to the party and the county with their time and commitment, they both set a 'high bar!'
Under no illusions, this will be a hard fight in the face of necessary austerity but I am up for the challenge and very much looking forward to meeting as many followers of this erudite (makes me feel thick!) blog!! Going to need a massive team effort but I'm confident and encouraged to have already met so many committed and experienced folk prepared to do the right thing for the county!

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks, Peter. Looking forward to working with you on the campaign.