Friday, October 30, 2015

Alex Massie eviscerates Jeremy Corbyn in the Speccie

Alex Massie - who wrote a few weeks ago that he still has a Labour party membership card though "Momentum" will probably try to take it off him if he keeps writing columns like today's - has a piece commenting on Jeremy Corbyn's speech to Labour's Scottish conference.

At least Labour got to hold theirs, but the extremist thugs and bullies who forced the Conservative West of Scotland conference to go underground were probably ignoring the Scottish Labour gathering because they don't think they have any reason to be afraid that Labour might win any elections in the next nine and a half years or so.

Alex's article is called Jeremy Corbyn comes to Scotland and discovers he has nothing to say.

Here are a few extracts ..

"One thing was made clear in Perth today: Jeremy Corbyn is not the answer. But then you knew that already. His speech was, er, remarkable. It was a speech aimed at – and let’s be generous here – 15 percent of voters.
Those voters who think a Spartist shouting “SOCIALISM” is the winning response to a Natjob crying FREEDOM”.

"Or, as Corbyn put it, according to the version of his speech distributed to journalists this afternoon, “Friends, if you want socialist change, if you want a left wing alternative, you have to vote for it.”

"The trouble is that a) this is exactly the sort of thing Tommy Sheridan has been saying for 20 years and b) the people don’t actually want ‘socialist change’. Apart from that, it’s a great line"

"Corbyn appears to think people have deserted the Labour party because it was insufficiently left-wing. Perhaps some poor souls have done so for that reason but rather more have abandoned Labour because Labour long ago ran out of things to say."

I love that expression "Natjob," by the way. I may start using it ...

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