Sunday, October 11, 2015

Psychological warfare

I have seen it suggested that fighters for DA'ESH (the self-styled "Islamic State") believe that if they are killed by a woman they will go straight to hell.

(Do not pass Go, do not collect 72 virgins.)

A Kurdish commander who has a unit of Kurdish women soldiers under his command, Dalil Derki, has told Western media that the unit strikes terror into DA'ESH militants, who have “twisted Islam.”

“In their philosophy women don't have their own role in society. Their philosophy and culture is that they believe that if they are killed by a woman they won’t go to heaven. Instead they will go to hell,”

he explained. More details here.

This presents an opportunity for the West to further discourage people from joining the enemy.

Are any of our drone pilots women? If so we should let that fact be known.

Even where a drone is being controlled by a man, if we do have to use them to make further lethal attacks - and don't get me wrong, that should only happen when absolutely necessary, when there is legal justification and appropriate oversight - it would not be that difficult, surely to have a female officer push the button to discharge whichever weapon the drone will be using, and then publicise the fact that DA'ESH militants who are killed by a drone will have been killed by a woman.

If there is a Hell these people are very likely to be bound there anyway - even more so under real Islamic theology than under the Christian one. But anything which discourages people from joining the militants will save both lives and souls.

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