Friday, October 16, 2015

Another Labour car crash interview from Jeremy Corbyn’s new Shadow City Minister

One Labour tradition which continues under Jeremy Corbyn is the tradition of "car crash" disastrous TV interviews from Labour front benchers ...

Here is Richard Burgon MP, shadow minister for the City on Channel 4. After straining the credulity of listeners by claiming that Labour was not split on whether to vote for the proposed Fiscal Responsibility Charter, he then struggled when Cathy Newman asked him

"You say you're not a deficit denier, so what is the deficit going to be this year?"

Then he was asked if as shadow minister for the City he had met anyone from the city and replied that he had a very busy diary ...

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Jim said...

It's a sad state to be in really,

You cant vote, because there is only one Partially sane party you can vote for, and people cant seem to grasp the idea of the EU Referendum.

you often see people asking you "what is out" so you tell them exactly what Leave is and how to do it and then where the the uk can go from there and they ignore that, and just wait a while then ask again, what is out?

Never realising that leaving the EU is not an event, its a process, and its a process ending with domostic reforms, designed to prevent car crash interviews like this.

Still as the saying goes, "You can lead a politician to water......"