Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hague on Europe

A good piece by William Hague on the European Union in today's telegraph here.

It's mostly a review of the challenges facing Europe rather than a "Leave" or "Remain" argument.

He does, however, aim a few well-deserved kicks at the ridiculous idea that a "Leave" vote might trigger a fresh round of negotiations for a better deal.

I would hope that whether people are voting "Leave" or "Remain" or still floating we should agree that if there is a "Leave" vote we activate Article 50 and leave.

Both because that is the democratic thing to do and because, as Hague says,

"The chances of the European Council gathering together after a British vote to leave the EU on June 23, and saying “we need Britain so much that we will now offer a completely different relationship to her while she stays in the EU” are zero.

The French Government, conscious that major treaty changes would require a referendum in France, would not give another inch.

The German Government would say they could not be of further help.

There is no possibility that all the other members would reach unanimous agreement on a revised package, because they simply would not have the collective cohesion and political will to do so."

The vote on 23rd June is in or out, and although I would like to hear the "Leave" side spell out what they want Britain to negotiate for if they win, whichever side gets more votes should win, and that must be the end of the matter.

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