Thursday, March 03, 2016

Science and the EU

I am aware through my University connections that Scientific Research infrastructure provided by the EU's has vastly more support among the people who deal with it than most other parts of the European Union.

Radio 4 managed to find a spokesman for "Scientists for Britain" this afternoon who was against British membership and finds the EU's rules for clinical trials restrictive, but I found it very telling that in the debate that was broadcast between pro and anti -EU scientists, when they were allowed to cross-examine each other, the Brexit supporter was keen to ask questions about and discuss the general EU budget while the "Remain" scientist was keen to discuss science questions.

The Science minister Jo Johnson - who is the brother of the Mayor of London - has published an FT piece which reflects the support for "remain" among scientists. But I was at first baffled, when I saw this extract from his article, by the last line of the section quoted below -

Until I saw from another source a different extract from the same article which explained which Boris was referred to!

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