Saturday, March 05, 2016

Swimathon 2016 and Sport Relief

On Saturday 19th March - a fortnight today - I will be taking part in Swimathon 2016 to raise money for good causes, and aim to swim 5,000 metres for the 23rd consecutive year.

Swimathon is now part of Sport Relief, and supports the same good causes as Comic Relief in Britain and around the world. 50% of the money raised is used to support community projects and good causes in Britain, including a range of causes in Cumbria.

Community projects and good causes supported in Cumbria over the past couple of years have included:

1) Cumbria Gateway
2) North Copeland Youth partnership
3) Copeland occupational and social centre
4) Pride in North Cumbria
5) Sustainable Carlisle Ltd

You can read more about where the money from Swimathon goes at


If you would like to sponsor me, which would be very much appreciated, you can do so online at

My son John is also taking part in Swimathon 2016, and will be aiming to swim 2,500 metres.

You can sponsor John online at

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