Thursday, May 05, 2016

As the polls close ...

Arrived home a short while ago after spending this evening on GOTV (get out the vote - knocking on the doors of people who canvassed as Conservative and trying to persuade them to turn out if they have not done so already.)

Reception was generally friendly ad a lot of people were coming out to vote without the need of a reminder - the very first house we arrived at the residents were getting into their car holding their polling cards and many of the others we called on had already voted.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote today for helping to keep democracy functioning, thanks especially to those who voted Conservative. Good luck to all my Conservative colleagues standing for election.

Have just had time for a cup of tea, am now about to head down to the first stage of the count: "Verification" which means checking that the number of votes in the ballot boxes is in line with the number of people who voted. The main count for Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner election will be tomorrow, but we will learn the turnout this evening.

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