Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Meeting full to overflowing as West Cumbrians came to support our hospital.

The URC Church in Whitehaven was full to overflowing this evening as hundreds attended the NHS "success regime" public meeting to discuss the future shape of health services in West, North and East Cumbria. Every seat both on the ground floor and upstairs was taken and some people had to stand.

The mood of the meeting was generally polite and constructive, but thunderous applause every time a speaker from the floor - or sometimes the platform - referred to the need to keep services in West Cumbria, particularly at West Cumberland Hospital, left nobody present in any doubt of the enormously strong public support for our hospital and the demand that we have as many services as possible provided here, as locally as possible.

The NHS Trusts' officials assured us that no final decisions have been taken, that they are considering options and listening at this stage, and that a more detailed consultation will take place later this year.

Tonight's good attendance and the clear signal sent by people present was a valuable first step in the battle to persuade the present leadership of the Cumbrian NHS how much we need to keep local services at our hospital. I did have the impression that they were really listening. But we need to keep up the pressure and continue to show support for our local NHS.

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