Saturday, August 06, 2016

A former Corbynista explains why he has changed sides

I have been reading Alex Andreou's article,

"The Truth about Jeremy Corbyn."

The subtitle of the piece is

"We haven't been telling the truth for a long time in the Labour party. It is essential that we start."

Alex was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn at the time of his election and for nearly a year afterwards. He explained in this article why he has changed his mind, to such an extent that he now thinks, and I quote,

"I am asked to knock on doors" ... "and tell people to put this man in charge" ...  "to put his wild, foolish coterie of zealots in charge of the country.

"And I'm telling you, in all good conscience, I cannot and will not.

"Because right now, the only thing more frightening to any rational person than Labour losing the next election, is Labour winning it with Corbyn in charge."

Some other quotes from the article

"The far right is obsessed with purging the country from anyone who looks different. The far left obsessed with purging it from anyone who thinks different. They are two sides of the same philosophy who sees progress only in homogeneity and threat in mixing, in "impurity", in dissent, in challenging the orthodoxy."

"There is a problem. And it is insurmountable. Jeremy Corbyn is not very good. Actually, he is quite hopeless. I don't need to rehash tales of his incompetence.

"If you are interested and your mind is open, read the accounts of Thangam Debbonaire MP or Lilian Greenwood MP. Read Owen Jones' piece, probably Corbyn's key mainstream media ally. Read Richard Murphy's blog, part of the "Corbynomics" team. Read why the rest of that team now support Owen Smith. Read the piece Jo Cox wrote on why she regretted nominating Corbyn, weeks before she was brutally killed."


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