Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Here is the URL for a petition to remove all restrictions on Freedom of Speech

I am not sure it is practical or even possible to remove all legal restrictions on freedom of speech but I hope the petition which Adrian Charles Ratcliffe has created to that gets a hundred thousand signatures because if it does Parliament has to debate it, and I think that would be a valuable debate.

As of this morning I fear it only has 26 so that's 99,974 to go!  But it's early days yet: petitions have six months to get signatures and this one is open until 6th December 2016.

The full text is as follows:

"Repeal all legislation that inhibits absolute freedom of speech.

If, as is the case, the British people cannot vocalise or document any or every view that we may hold, then freedom of speech no longer exists. We may not like everything that anyone says or writes but we believe it is their right to say and write what they wish."

You can view or sign it at


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