Monday, December 31, 2018

A wish for 2019

Whatever else happens in the year which is about to begin, and which is certain to see millions of people very disappointed by whatever decisions are taken about Brexit, I entirely agree with Iain Dale's hope in his article in the Mail online here, that in 2019 people will pay attention to her majesty's wise words in her Christmas address and try to treat one another which as much civility and respect as we can manage.

The vote in the 2016 referendum would never have been as close as it was unless there were strong arguments on both sides. In fairness there are also wrong-headed and silly arguments on both sides. But all of us should recognise that none of us have a monopoly of wisdom or virtue and however hard it is - and some people go out of their way to make it very hard indeed - we should try to respect the views of those who have different opinions, about Brexit or anything else, and even more, treat them with decency and courtesy.

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