Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Moving the economy forward

Today the PM reminded parliament of what has been achieved in the last eight years.

Under the Conservatives businesses have created jobs and wages have begun to rise. Thanks to our balanced approach to the economy:

  • More people are in work than ever before with 3.3 million jobs created. 
  • Youth unemployment has almost halved (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, Data series: MFZ2; MFY7, 16 October 2018). 
  • Wages are growing faster than they have for nearly a decade (ONS, UK Labour Market, 13 November 2018). 
  • We are giving the NHS the biggest single cash boost in peacetime history (DHSC, Press Release, 19 June 2018). 
  • We have introduced the National Living Wage and taken millions of people out of paying tax.

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