Thursday, December 13, 2018

Police funding

Maintaining Britain's world-leading police forces is a priority for the Conservative government which is why the Chancellor and Home Secretary have agreed to a provisional police funding settlement of up to £14bn for next financial year – which up to £970 million more than the previous year and the largest increase in police funding since 2010.


Anonymous said...

"world-leading" - all that can be said about is that it's the best police force in Britain.

Chris Whiteside said...

It's funny how some people appear determined to do Britain down. Cynical comments about everything in Britain do not make you look clever.

Britain's police are widely respected throughout the world. I'm not saying they always get everything right but the vast majority of our police are hard-working, dedicated, honest, professional in their attitudes, unfailingly polite to the public, and do a good job in what are sometimes the most trying of circumstances.

And anyone who doesn't realise that compared with many other countries in the world we are very fortunate in the people we have as our police officers probably is not widely travelled.