Sunday, December 23, 2018

Rescue boat funding

This week shares of £1 million of grants of taxpayers' money to support rescue boats has been allocated to dozens of charities for life-saving equipment to help volunteer search teams save lives more quickly and easily.

  • · The rescue boat grant fund was launched in 2014 to provide £5 million over five years to independent search and rescue teams working on inland waterways. 
  • · Over the past 4 years, 201 bids have been successful, helping a total of 98 search and rescue charities. The money has already paid for 65 new boats in addition to launch vehicles, rafts, and safety equipment. 
  • · During 2018 to date there have been 57 successful bids for the latest round of the rescue boat grant fund. The funding will provide 15 new boats and a hovercraft.

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