Monday, December 03, 2018

The law of unintended consequences strikes again ...

I have written before about the outrageous SNP policy that Scottish Universities charge fees to students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland - whose parents pay taxes which, through the Barnett Formula, help fund those universities - while students from Scotland or other EU countries do not.

The injustice to students from the rest of the UK is obvious but the law of unintended consequences is coming home to roost and this is causing problems for young people in Scotland too.

"Straight A" students from Scotland are being rejected by Scottish Universities in favour of students from RUK and Non-EU countries.

Under the SNP-run Scottish government's current funding system the Scottish Funding Council determines the number of places available for students from Scotland and the EU based on the amount of funding available. Universities are free to set the number of students taken in from England and other countries who pay fees.

An analysis of places available through the clearing process earlier this year revealed that Glasgow University had 29 courses available to hopefuls from elsewhere in the UK but only five for Scottish students. Applicants to Aberdeen University from England could pick from a list of 390 courses but none was available to Scottish school leavers.

As all-to-often happens, badly-thought through policies are hurting the very people they are meant to help.

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