Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Andrew Gimson on the Cox Counterblast

The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, gave a masterclass in parliament yesterday.

There is a good report of it by Andrew Gimson on Conservative Home here.


Anonymous said...

Brexit is supposed to be all about Parliament taking back control - Geoffrey Cox told Parliament where they could go. That's taking back control alright.

Chris Whiteside said...

No he didn't.

He offered to answer any question they had. What he resisted, as every government in the past has resisted, was letting the other parties to the negotiations Britain is involved in seeing what his legal advice was constituted the weaknesses in Britain's case.

It is a sign of how utterly mad British politics is getting that this argument was neither recognised as the position of every previous government - which it was - or accepted by MPs

Chris Whiteside said...

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