Monday, December 10, 2018

Fraser Nelson on the Brexit vote postponement ...

"This might not be as mad as it sounds. If the E.U. grants the UK what it grants all of its trading partners - a genuine break clause, an ‘eject’ button that can be pushed by No10 or plt - she’d probably get her deal through."

(Quote from Fraser Nelson of the Spectator on the decision to defer the "meaningful vote" which parliament had been due to take tomorrow)

I don't know whether there is any chance of the EU council agreeing to that - the comments which EU spokespeople have made today suggest the odds are not good. However, if there is any chance at all Theresa May had to go for it. If the PM believes, as I'm certain she does, that Britain must cease to be a member state of the EU but a "no deal" hard Brexit would be a very damaging way of doing this, then she, and more importantly the country, has nothing to lose from exploring that option.

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