Friday, December 21, 2018

Kent Estuary by-election results

The outcome of the two local government by elections yesterday (20/12/2018) in South Lakes were as follows:

Kent Estuary Electoral Division
(Cumbria County Council)

Pete MCSWEENEY (Liberal Democrats): 1,381 (elected)
Tom HARVEY (Conservative Party): 666
Jill ABEL (Green Party): 109
Kate Malinda Holly LOVE (Labour Party): 70

Turnout: 44.22%

Arnside and Milnthorpe Ward
(South Lakeland District Council - covers the same area as the Kent Estuary County division)

Helen CHAFFEY (Liberal Democrats): 1,319 (elected)
Rachel ASHBURNER (Conservative Party): 709
Jill ABEL (Green Party): 125
Kate Malinda Holly LOVE (Labour Party): 68

Turnout: 44.22%

Both seats were retained by the Lib/Dems on a very creditable turnout for an election less than a week before Christmas.

Congratulations to Pete McSweeney and Helen Chaffey on their election: commiserations to the unsuccessful candidates particularly Tom Harvey and Rachel Ashburner who worked extremely hard

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