Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Key points from Health Scrutiny

Important issues from today's meeting of Cumbria Health Scrutiny Committee

(More detailed report to follow )

*  A powerful presentation from Healthwatch Cumbria, CCC and two clients of the relevant service on what a good life looks like for people with learning disabilities.

During the course of the discussion it came out that (on national figures) life expectancy if 14 years shorter for men with learning disability than those without and 18 years shorter for women with disabilities than those without - the shortfall of life expectancy for women with learning disabilities being particularly bad and sufficiently worse than that for men as to reverse the usual pattern of longevity.  There was some discussion during other relevant agenda items about what could be done about this.

* Top level progress reviews of the proposed merger of the North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust and the Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust, of the future of mental health care in Cumbria, and of the implementation of "Healthcare for the future" (e.g. the Success Regime review)

* There were important reports on digital patient records from the trusts and CCGs covering North and South Cumbria, which sparked off a lot of discussion.

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