Sunday, December 16, 2018

Quote of the day Sunday 16th December 2018

"You cannot understand British politics until you grasp that the" (Labour) "party has been taken over by men (and the occasional woman) who spent their lives around the fag ends of the 20th-century Marxist-Leninist movement. 

It’s not that Labour now has a communist programme. Revolutionary socialism is as dead as any idea can be. 

Rather, Labour has inherited the mental deformations of the Leninist style of doing business: the leadership personality cult, the love of conspiracy theory, the robotic denunciations of opponents, and most critically for our current crisis, the ineradicable fantasy that the worse conditions for the masses become, the brighter the prospects of the far left are. Disaster socialism is its alternative to disaster capitalism."

(Nick Cohen in an article in today's Observer which you can read on the website here.)

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