Monday, December 10, 2018

Copeland Highways Working Group

However much the debate on Brexit seems to suck the oxygen out of activity on all other subjects in the House of Commons and the press, the business of running the country and local authorities goes on, and today the Highways Working Group of Cumbria County Council's local area committee for Copeland had a meeting.

This was a private meeting but the minutes will be presented to the Local Committee at its' next meeting on 15th January and will be published with the papers for that meeting.

Some of the key issues coming out of today which are already in the public domain are as follows:

1) Following the public consultation, to which the overwhelming majority of responses were positive, the £ 2 million North Shore scheme to improve safety and traffic flow to the North of Whitehaven Town centre is moving forward and a plan to complete the works will be presented to councillors in the near future. The traffic orders to implement the scheme were approved by local committee in late November.

2) The government has given £12 million of taxpayers' money to Cumbria County council to fix potholes and repair roads. Some of this is being spent centrally and some devolved to local committees and of the latter £844,000 will be spent in Copeland. This will enable a number of road repairs for which a proper job might otherwise have had to wait until 2020 or 2021 to be done this financial year (the target to finish the work is the end of the financial year e.g. 31st March 2019.)

3) There have been a number of studies this year of road speeds and safety on particular roads in Copeland which were causing concern and a number of proposals are now out to preliminary consultation to bring speed limits more into line with what is achievable and safe.


Jim said...

taxpayers' month - is auto correct on? It does stuff like that to me a lot as well

Chris Whiteside said...

Well spotted, that should of course have been taxpayers' MONEY.

Could well have been autocorrect or it could have been clumsy typing on my part.

Jim said...

I would like to understand more about "into line with what is achievable and safe" actually means though

Chris Whiteside said...

I'll post details of the CCC highways officers' proposals and the rationale behind them when they are in the public domain.