Climate change and security

Yesterday the Prime Minister chaired a UN Security Council session on climate and security – the first time a British Prime Minister has chaired the Council in almost 30 years – in which he called for international action to reduce carbon emissions and help vulnerable nations to adapt to climate change, enhancing the prosperity and security of our planet for the future.

  • Climate change represents one of the gravest threats to global peace and security. Unless we join together and take bold action to tackle it, the world risks more conflict, displacement, and insecurity in the future.
  • That is why the Prime Minister used Britain' presidency of the UN Security Council to urge world leaders to follow the UK’s lead in committing to reach net zero emissions and push for more support to help fragile states adapt to climate change, helping avert future conflict, misery and famine.  
  • The UK has led the way on climate action and as we build towards COP26 we will continue to urge others to be equally bold, so that we can avert climate conflicts and protect our planet for future generations.


Anonymous said…
"... we will continue to urge others to be equally bold, so that we can avert climate conflicts ..." - Typical politician, all talk and no action
Jim said…
I stopped off on the way home the other day, I stopped at the new drive through costa in the new travelodge.

I was absolutely astounded to find that in a brand new building like that, with a brand new car park, there is not one single EV charger. NOT ONE.

on the one hand we have a government saying they want to take a lead on climate change. On the other hand we have planning permission oversights like that. Hotels should be looking to retro fit 20+ destination chargers and possibly even a rapid now, yet we have brand new builds being signed off with NONE

I would install a battery for my solar panels, makes sense to hold that generated power when the ev is not there, then make use of it later to run the house or car, totally carbon zero.

So why dont I install a solar battery, well because under our green government a battery for a solar installation has 20%VAT on it.

Coal and gas fossil fuel have 5%

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