Dealing with Potholes

Recent bad weather has done enormous damage to roads throughout the area I represent. I am aware of particular problems in Mirehouse and on St Bees Main Street (the long-awaited action to fix the stretch between the level crossing and the Abbey is due to start this evening) but there are problems throughout Cumbria.

So I am delighted that the government has today announced £500 million for local authorities to fix 10 million potholes across England – helping councils ensure that our roads are kept up to standard and that potholes that blight road users are being dealt with promptly. 

  • Potholes are not only nuisance, but they can be a danger to drivers and cyclists, as well as causing damage to thousands of vehicles every year.
  • So the government has allocated councils across England their share of £500 million for highways maintenance, as part of the £2.5 billion Potholes Fund between 2021 and 2024/25. With the average pothole costing £50 to fill in, the funding will ensure the equivalent of 10 million potholes can be filled and fixed.
  • This funding will ensure that councils can ensure that local roads are both safer and easier to drive and cycle on, as well as reducing the risk of damage to vehicles for road users.


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