More trainee nurses come forward

A fantastic piece of news for our NHS: new figures released today show that applications to nursing courses in England have risen by a third – which will see more and more nurses joining our NHS – helping us provide better healthcare for everyone. 

  • At the General Election, the Conservatives promised to deliver a net increase of 50,000 in the number of nurses in the NHS – (32,000 from new recruitment, 18,000 for improved retention). These new application figures today are an important step towards delivering on that promise.
  • UCAS has almost 50,000 applications to nursing courses in England this year, a 34 per cent increase – with more 25 to 34 year olds, 35-and-overs and men applying than last year. These are the nurses of the future who will help the NHS and social care recover from this pandemic and continue to deliver world-class care to patients for years to come.
  • These figures are a testament to the work of Health Education England and UCAS in highlighting nursing as a rewarding and accessible career path and will help take us one another step closer to delivering 50,000 more nurses for our NHS and providing better healthcare for everyone.


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