React-1 study shows infections falling

New figures released yesterday, from the REACT-1 study into COVID-19 in England, show that infections have fallen significantly since the last report in January – proving that national restrictions are working in bringing infections down. 

  • These findings show encouraging signs infections are now heading in the right direction across the country, but we must not drop our guard. 
  • While cases and hospital admissions remain high it is vital we all remain vigilant and follow the rules as our historic vaccination rollout continues at pace. We do not yet know whether being vaccinated stops someone from passing the virus on to others so we must remain vigilant. 
  • We urge everyone to continue to stay at home - remember hands, face, space – and get your jab when you receive your invite.


Jim said…
We have a vaccine.

Having a vaccine means that those people who have had a vaccine do not die of covid 19

the issue with covid 19 is not catching it, the issue is passing it onto a vunerable person and then that vunerable person dying.

vaccinate the VUNERABLE ONLY get on with it, it should have been done by now, then open up the country for everyone else.

If people can still pass it on so what?? the vunerable people who are in danger from it are vaccinated.

Just a few more months, lockdown will fix it, oh, just a few more months, vaccines will fix it, oh, just a few more months.......

Honestly its really getting annoying. It quite lucky really that Starmer in his speach yesterday failed to make even a mention of brexit. I mean that was laughable, making labour completely unelectable, even against the worst government in living memory.

Chris Whiteside said…
We're now getting very close indeed to the point where we will have vaccinated all the most vulnerable. Then we have another couple of weeks before the protection provided by the vaccination kicks in.

It doesn't completely eliminate the risk, but it greatly reduces it. So we have a plan to get out of lockdown. The PM will explain it on Monday.

The wait is very frustrating for everyone. It's frustrating for me: I want my life back too.

But one of the worst things which could possibly happen would be to raise the lockdown too early and have to slam the brakes on again.

The lockdown should, and I believe will, be lifted as soon as it is safe, and it's not going to be that much longer.

You won't be surprised to learn that I do agree with you about Starmer, but a lot of his party have even less sense than he does.

During the budget debate on Thursday I reminded Labour councillors that their leader had said that the sort of council tax increases they were about to vote for at this time would be an "absurd" thing to impose on people who were already worried about how to feed their families and keep their jobs or businesses.

Did they listen to me or Sir Keir?


They put up council tax by nearly 4% which will raise £9.7 million pounds, so that they could increase the council's general reserve by £10 million.

Taking money off hard-pressed families during the worst recession for 300 years to stick it in the bank. Unbelieveable.

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